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Saturday October 15, 2011
Start: Oct 15 2011 11:00 am
End: Oct 15 2011 1:00 pm

“End the War” “Bring the Troops Home”

“Move the Money from the Military to Human Needs”

Saturday, October 15, 11am to 1 pm

Newton Square

Dear friends of the Northwest NJ Peace Fellowship,

This week marks the 10thanniversary of the Afghanistan war.   10 years of the war on terror without an end in sight! 

Please come to Newton Square on Saturday, October 15, 11 am to 1 pm to continue to stand witness against war and occupation.  Similar protests will be held that day in cities around the world.   

It is my hope that all of you who are able will take the time to come out on October 15.  We need you!  Please help us to keep the flame of peace and nonviolence alive!   If you cannot stand, bring a chair.  

Please look for the Northwest NJ Peace Fellowship banner near the gazebo.  Bring old signs or make new ones.   Our message continues to be “End the War” “Bring the Troops Home”  “Move the Money from the Military to Human Needs”.

We will be joined at Newton Square by others, members of the Northwest NJ Progressive Alliance, who have been coming together in a new movement for jobs, economic justice, demilitarization, and environmental sustainability.

The Northwest NJ Peace Fellowship first gathered at Newton Square 9 years ago to oppose going to war with Iraq.  I remember Jeri hosting us at the Unitarian Fellowship on Nelson Street in Newton after our vigil on Friday evenings, to talk, share our anxieties about war and strategize.  We continued to hold vigils every Friday evening, and have special gatherings on important occasions, to remember the dead and wounded and to cry for peace.

Nine years later, life has changed for many of us.  Some of our friends moved to other states, some passed away, some are ill, some are housebound, some have become grandparents and are busy with new family responsibilities, some of you have leadership responsibilities for other nonprofit organizations.  Some have continued to protest in Washington, DC, NYC, and Newark.   I have no doubt, that whatever your situation is now, you continue to oppose the war and long for peace.

 For most of the decade the peace and anti-war movements have kept the flame of resistance alive. Now we are joining together with others -- and it's starting to spread.   Please come on October 15 to see old friends and renew our hope and dream for a better world.

Tom Bias, Katie Sobolowski, Sharleen Leahey, Kathy Scehovic, and Solidarity Singers, you have led us and inspired us with songs of protest, justice and hope.    Won’t you come to lead us in song?


Litsa Binder  litsa@embarqmail.com  973 726-3245


Wednesday November 09, 2011
Start: Nov 9 2011 5:00 pm
End: Nov 9 2011 5:00 pm

Leonard Lance Town Hall Meeting Nov. 9th in Clark, NJ

Congressman Leonard Lance (R-NJ-7) will hold a town hall meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 9, in Clark.

The meeting will take placed from 5-7 p.m. at the Clark Municipal Court Building,  315 Westfield Avenue. All residents of New Jersey's Seventh Congressional District are invited to attend.

Since some of NJPA's members live in District 7, we thought we'd pass this announcement along. We only learned of it late last night, so we apologize for the short notice. Issues like "Moving the Money from War to Peace" or ending the war in Afghanistanare very appropriate to raise.

There are some questions below for Town Hall participants as well as some tracking tips to ensure that good video or still photos for the media are obtained. There  is also reference to a document of tips called Making Your Voice Heard at a Town Hall. iPhone cameras do just fine for both, so no need to get very high tech with things like this. It's just imperative to hold our elected officials accountable, so any help you can provide is just great.

Basically, the ideal situation would include a good group of folks (say 10) essentially able to get their questions out there with one person deemed the "tracker" who is videotaping and/or getting photos (for example, Clark Muni Courtroom surrounded by Don't Touch My Medicare signs or a crowd of folks outside the building with signs, etc.).

Any videotape we get of Rep. Lance is always the best.

Making Your Voice Heard http://scr.bi/uwOvPx

Sample Questions for GOP Town Halls http://scr.bi/uQ8we8

Tracking Tips for Volunteers   http://scr.bi/uOqpmB

If anyone is able to attend, please let us know.

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