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Peace Action Statement on Senate Passage of New START pact

December 22, 2010

For Immediate Release,

Madelyn Hoffman, Director of New Jersey Peace Action at nj_peaceaction@yahoo.com

Silver Spring, Maryland -- Peace Action, the country's largest grassroots peace and disarmament organization with 100,000 members around the country, welcomes today's U.S. Senate vote to ratify the New START nuclear arms reduction pact, which will reduce U.S. and Russian deployed, strategic nuclear weapons by up to 30%, to 1,550 warheads each.

"While a modest step on the path toward a nuclear-weapons free world, today's Senate vote to ratify the New START pact is cause for celebration in this season of 'Peace on Earth,'" noted Peace Action's Executive Director, Kevin Martin. "While the process of Senate ratification was difficult, and the political price paid for the treaty was high, everyone concerned with reducing the danger posed by nuclear weapons should see this as significant progress." Martin referred not only to the bruising, partisan politics employed by some senators, but also the Obama Administration's promise of $184 billion in funding for "modernizing" the nuclear weapons production complex and delivery systems over the next decade.

Peace Action's members, and especially grassroots activists with our affiliates and chapters across the country, worked very hard to educate the public and pressure senators to support the treaty. Lobby visits with senators and their staff members, email alerts to hundreds of thousands of supporters, letters to the editor and other media work and generating tens of thousands of calls to senate offices were hallmarks of the START ratification campaign over the last few months.

Madelyn Hoffman, Director of New Jersey Peace Action added, "While we celebrate ratification of the new START Treaty, because it is essential that the world's two largest nuclear powers engage in efforts to reduce their nuclear arsenals, we know that much work still needs to be done. New Jersey Peace Action pledges to continue its work for additional steps toward nuclear disarmament. We are particularly concerned about the billions of dollars pledged for modernizing our nuclear arsenal and the emphasis placed on the need to redouble our efforts at missile defense. We will continue to contact the U.S. Congress and the Obama Administration, but building public sentiment for a nuclear-weapons free world is what will ultimately redirect U.S. foreign policy toward true nuclear disarmament worldwide. Without the tremendous efforts of peace activists throughout the world, this treaty surely would not have been ratified. New START must truly be a new start toward completely
abolishing nuclear weapons and their destructive powers." 


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