NJ Peace Action

War Against Iraq Creates 4.5 Million Refugees

In March 2008, as the anniversary of the Iraq war approached, the Parishioners for Peace and Justice at St. Peter Claver, RC Church in Montclair, N.J. and New Jersey Peace Action sponsored a talk by Cathy Breen. Cathy, a nurse by profession and long time member of the Catholic Worker movement in New York has been dedicated to the cause of the Iraqi people caught in the quagmire of the U.S.-led war and occupation of Iraq. Cathy has stood alongside the Iraqi people, witnessing their daily struggles prior to and during the war and now in Jordan as refugees. Interview with Cathy Breen: Iraq’s Refugee Crisis With the passing of the 5th anniversary of the beginning of the war and subsequent occupation of Iraq little has been said about the toll the war has taken on the Iraqi people. According to the group, Just Foreign Policy (justforeignpolicy.org), the estimated Iraqi deaths as a result of the U.S. occupation is 1,200,000 and counting and is 10 times higher than that reported in the American media. The UNHCR's (United Nations High Commission on Refugees) most recent statistics on Iraqi refugees estimates that "4.7 million Iraqis have left their homes. More than 2.7 million Iraqis are displaced internally, while more than 2 million have fled mainly to neighboring Syria and Jordan."