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Take the Peace Action Budget Priorities Poll

Let your representative know what you want done with your tax dollars!

Congress is debating the federal budget.  The Senate is writing next year's budget now.  It is time to tell Congress what we want. Three proposals have been made: 1. President Obama's budget, 2. the GOP/Ryan budget, and 3. the Congressional Progressive Caucus' "People's Budget".

Compare the three budgets and cast your vote.  Take the Peace Action New Priorities Budget Preference Poll.  According to 80 experts who prepared a report on the overloaded and deteriorating transportation infrastructure, the U.S. is falling behind the rest of the world and needs $262 billion a year spent on U.S. higways, rail networks and air transportation systems.  Yet some in Congress keep saying that we have to make cuts to move agead.  Do we need cuts or do we need to change national spending priorities?

Polling shows that people want a budget that "moves the money" from military spending, wars, taxcuts for the rich and subsidies to Big Business to fund human needs and rebuild our cities.

That's why we have joined the New Priorities Network to launch a campaign to bring our voices into the debate.

Take the Peace Action New Priorities Budget Preference Poll.  Cast your vote for which budget you would like to see passed.  We want to know what you think and we will share it with your Congressional representative.

Please join Peace Action in a campaign that will bring tens of thousands of people into the public debate on the budget, pressure Congress to cut military spending by hundres of billions of dollars a year, call for shifting funds to our communities and people in need, put military spending on the map for the media and the 2012 elections, strengthen working relationships between the economic, justice and peace movements.