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New Jersey Peace Action’s End-of-Year Fund Raising Campaign

“No one ever said that the struggle for peace and justice would be an easy one. Sporadic actions do not suffice. It requires dedicated constant engagement and commitment. NJ Peace Action has provided an exemplary model for half a century, and its efforts have never been needed more than they are today.”—Professor Noam Chomsky, speaking on the occasion of New Jersey Peace Action’s 50th Anniversary

New Jersey Peace Action’s Annual End-of-Year fundraising campaign is underway. Please join Professor Chomsky, Daniel Ellsberg, Michael Ratner, and the late Dr. Howard Zinn in their support of the critical work of New Jersey Peace Action.

Your financial support is more important than ever. We need to continue to make our voices heard through our current initiatives described in the appeal below. Over the past year, we have worked hard on issues of voter integrity and voter education, nuclear disarmament, and advocating for peaceful resolution to conflicts around the globe, so our human and economic resources will be available for important community needs like education, jobs and healthcare.Hands


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Dear Friend and Supporter of New Jersey Peace Action (NJPA),           

We write this letter 3 weeks after Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey.   We sincerely hope that you, your family and your home have come through this safely.  It has been a difficult time for so many of us, and we send our thoughts and best wishes to all who are affected.

Your support for our work at this time is so important! You can make an on-line donation by clicking here.

On November 10, NJPA held our Annual Soup Lunch, after some debate about postponing it. The loss of power made it difficult for some of our soup makers and bakers, but we found a way, and approximately 200 of us were in the Bloomfield High School cafeteria, for soup, dessert, and most importantly, the fellowship of our other peace makers! Our speaker, Jonathan Granoff, was outstanding, speaking on framing nuclear weapons as an issue of human values, as well as presenting strategies for disarmament. And we were delighted to be joined by 20 Bloomfield College student volunteers!

As NJPA begins its post-election work, we are really encouraged by the broad array of citizens who supported a more liberal social agenda this election cycle, if not a more peaceful one. The voter turnout and organizing among Latinos, African-Americans, young people and LGBT Folks,was remarkable and shows there is growing support in our country for a more progressive agenda. Please help us to build on this momentum and ride this wave, with our message of moving money from the military budget to programs that meet community needs. This is a social justice issue!

New Jersey Peace Action and its members have accomplished a lot over the past 11 months, and will continue to achieve more, with your help. You can make an on-line donation by clicking here.

Our Peace Voter Campaign, coordinated by Bloomfield College student and activist Jessica Camacho, was a huge success. Beginning in May, we:

  • created voter guides for the primaries in Districts 9 and 10 and the November elections for 6 congressional districts, the U.S. Senate and the Presidency, bringing our issues of nuclear disarmament, preventing war against Iran and moving the money from war to peace, into the election campaign.
  • tabled at 12 street fairs and festivals from May through October, distributed voter guides and educated thousands of citizens about military spending, nuclear weapons and more.
  • attended candidate forums in Verona and Clifton to raise the issue of military spending to the candidates.
  •  held successful meetings with Senator Menendez and the newly elected Donald Payne, Jr.  Donald Payne Jr. told us of his commitment to continuing on the path of his brave and progressive father.

Following this presidential election, over the coming months, New Jersey Peace Action will:

  • strengthen relationships with our sister organizations on Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and pushing President Obama to fulfill his promises to work on nuclear abolition and closing Guantanamo Bay Prison
  •  organize strategy meetings to discuss the Next Four Years for the Peace Movement
  •  continue to build our Move the Money campaign, by giving presentations at colleges and houses of worship on the issue and distributing our Move the Money postcards
  • circulate a petition to keep New Jersey's National Guard in New Jersey and not deployed to Afghanistan
  •  continue to build our Peace Site Network

If you  can contribute online, you can do so here.  Please support our goal to raise an additional $10,000 by the end of the year.  For your gift of $100 or more, you will receive a DVD of our Soup Lunch featuring Jonathan Granoff's presentation "At This Critical Moment: What Next for International Security?." If you give $52 (a dollar a week for peace) we will send you a traditional peace sign button as our way of saying "thank you" for your generous gift to NJPA.

Consider that your contribution-directly supporting the work of NJPA next year- is an investment in the foundation of a growing social movement for peace and equality in our country.  

To make a Tax Deductible contribution, please make your check payable to NJ Peace Action Education Fund (NJPAEF).


Yours in peace,

Virginia Ahearn
Co-Chair Fundraising Committee

Madelyn Hoffman
Executive Director