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Loose Nukes — a novel by Bill Griffeth

Loose Nukes CoverLoose Nukes
A Novel
by Bill Griffeth

About the Book

Published on the twelfth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks, Loose Nukes explores an even more frightening possibility: nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists. From Kyrgyzstan to Kashmir to Britain, from Washington to New York to Chicago to Alaska, we follow the Mushrooms (anarchists with The Bomb) and the man who would stop them, nuclear nonproliferation expert Coot Jenkins. The physical devastation and human suffering that even a small nuclear weapon can cause become horribly apparent as the Mushrooms begin their attacks.

Coot is drawn into the center of the action when Mushrooms member George Boyd demands to negotiate with him. In the exciting climax, Coot must discover who has financed the Mushrooms’ purchase of Soviet-era nukes and gain the cooperation of the Mushrooms to thwart an even more devastating nuclear attack on the United States. His courage, skill, and resourcefulness are required in full measure to prevent the unfolding disaster. While Coot works to contain the spreading carnage, he is also grieving over the death of his wife Frannie. When he meets computer security specialist Diana Munson, his personal turmoil intensifies. Coot wants to be more than friends but Diana has serious issues of her own holding her back. As they both struggle to prevent more nuclear attacks, Coot and Diana must also overcome the personal conflicts that keep them apart.

About the Author

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, and educated at the Universities of North Carolina and Chicago, Bill Griffeth has long been interested in such nuclear policy issues as non-proliferation, strategic arms reduction, and nuclear test prohibition. He is a long-timer sustaining member of New Jersey Peace Action and a former chairman of Union County SANE. A mathematician by training and a software engineer by choice, Dr. Griffeth taught mathematics and management science at the university level for ten years, worked in telecommunication systems marketing for five years, and developed system and application software for over twenty years before retiring in 2010 to devote himself to writing. Bill and his wife Nancy have lived in Westfield, New Jersey, since 1987.