NJ Peace Action

NJ Peace Action Statement On Flotilla Attack

    We at NJ Peace Action deeply regret and are outraged by the deadly Israeli raid of the flotilla bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza.  The flotilla was attacked by Israeli naval vessels about 50 miles offshore — in international waters.  Although the people on the ships told the Israelis that they were unarmed civilians, some ten people have been killed.  We are very much saddened that a peaceful effort to deliver critically needed aid and food to the people in blockaded Gaza has ended so violently.

We strongly urge the Israeli government to exercise restraint and to end the blockade of Gaza.  And we call on all sides of this ongoing conflict to commit to one hundred percent nonviolence in the name of peace for future generations as they work together for a final resolution.

We further urge President Obama to take a stronger stand in condemnation of this attack and to continue to take steps to influence the Israeli government to end the blockade and to engage in peace talks that will result in lasting change.  Join the United Nations and world leaders in condemning these attacks: Call the White House at 212-456-1414; the US Mission to the UN 212-415-4062; and/or the Israeli Embassy at 202-364-5500.  You can also e-mail the flotilla at flotilla@gazafreedommarch.org to show your support.