NJ Peace Action

NJ Peace Action 53rd Annual Soup Luncheon


We would like to thank all those who worked so hard to make this event a success.  It was an opportunity to share common goals, an excellent meal and be treated to a wonderful presentation of the writings of many Americans who changed the course of history.


Readings from Voices of a People’s History: a Tribute to Howard Zinn

The success of New Jersey Peace Action’s 53rdAnnual Soup Luncheon- Voices of the People’s History: A Tribute to Howard Zinn- can not only be measured in the amount of praise it garnered from those who attended Bloomfield High School on November 20th, but by the vigor and excitement with which the event’s participants presented their speeches. 


Presenters at the luncheon emphasized the notions of internationalism, activism, solidarity and a ruthless critique of society brought forward by the working poor, minorities, women and others who are often pushed to the margins of society. 

Larry Hamm, Chair of the People’s Organization for Progress, delivered an emotionally charged and dramatic recitation of a Frederick Douglass speech first heard in July of 1852.  Clint Hebard, a New Jersey Peace Action member, followed with a 1970 speech given by the late Howard Zinn that provided refreshingly logical and critical reflections on the state of America and the notion of civil disobedience.   Overall, the event was a triumph, celebrating the teachings of peacemakers and activists of times past and present which left guests both revitalized and reflective.

With wars being waged at home and abroad, the so-called age of austerity bearing down upon the working and marginalized classes, and a national leadership which is in the process of losing its connection to its progressive base, these dramatic readings provided refreshingly pertinent social and political commentary with which we must continue to struggle for social justice and peace.  As Howard Zinn elucidated, through the voice of Clint Hebard, we must “start from the supposition that the world is topsy turvy.”  These words hold as true today as they did in 1970 when they were first spoken. 

It is this critical vision and a dedication to activism shared by those on stage as well as elsewhere that continues to push America in the direction of progress, and it was the goal of the event’s organizers to reinforce this truth for its guests and supporters.

                If you are interested in seeing these dramatic readings yourself, many of which we were not able to mention here, DVD’s of the entire event may be purchased for $15.00 from New Jersey Peace Action.