NJ Peace Action

Ordinary people working together to eliminate nuclear weapons, reduce military spending, support global peacemaking and restore the well being of our planet.

Nuclear Weapons are 65 Years Old: It's Time to Retire Them!

Here’s how you can get involved.


1.  The New START Treaty: Join us in calling on all U.S. Senators, Republican and Democrat alike, to vote to ratify the new START Treaty, an agreement between the United States and Russia to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in both countries.


NJ Peace Action's 53rd Annual Dinner

New Jersey Peace Action would like you to know that a 2 DVD set from our April 25th Annual Dinner featuring Phil Donahue's very moving and informative presentation about his movie Body of War is now available.

NJ Peace Action Statement On Flotilla Attack

    We at NJ Peace Action deeply regret and are outraged by the deadly Israeli raid of the flotilla bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza.  The flotilla was attacked by Israeli naval vessels about 50 miles offshore — in international waters.  Although the people on the ships told the Israelis that they were unarmed civilians, some ten people have been killed.  We are very much saddened that a peaceful effort to deliver critically needed aid and food to the people in blockaded Gaza has ended so violently.

Legislative Action Alert

Please call your U.S. Senators and Congressmen to urge action on these bills.
Toll-free numbers for Congressional switchboard: 800-517-5696
Afghanistan: We need to continue pushing for H.R. 2404, which requires an Afghanistan exit strategy before the end of 2009. It now has up to 90 co-sponsors, including Reps. Donald Payne, Steven Rothman and Rush Holt from New Jersey. We need to persuade others to support it.

Bring the Troops Home!

Today, the Iraqi people are celebrating the beginning of U.S. troop withdrawals as 'National Sovereignty Day'. This, because under the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) signed by the Iraqi government and the Bush administration, all U.S. combat troops are to withdraw from Iraq's cities and towns on June 30th, today. After six long years of war and occupation, it is no wonder Iraqis are celebrating this first symbolic benchmark.

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