NJ Peace Action

Petition to Cut the Defense Department Budget by 25% in Order to Provide Funds for Valuable Community Programs

To Senator Booker and Senator Menendez:

As of today, we have spent $1.48 trillion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Department
of Defense (DOD) budget for FY14 takes $23.18 Billion from New Jersey.

The nation's financial crisis had led to deep cuts in community programs. NJ has desperate needs
for infrastructure, teachers, healthcare for low income families and veterans, and financial aid for
college students. I support NJPA and the New Priorities Network's proposal to cut the DOD
Budget by 25% in order to provide funds for these valuable community programs.

So we ask you, help us move the money!

The $23.18 billion used for war could fund 357,050 elementary school teachers in New Jersey for one year.
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